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Resonant Voice of the Soul

Oct 28 - Nov 1, 2022
508 W 26 St, Suite 315, New York, NY 10001
Seeun An, Tianqi Chen, Xinyun Chen, Cherina Cheng, MInseok Kang, Lizhang Li, Joss Liao, Hanx Liu, Shewatlana Mehta, Zexing Shang, Xuanyi Aura Wang, Erika Xiang, Zhiyu You, Zhekai Zhang, Mosa Zhao
On October 28, 2022, the group exhibition "Resonant Voice of the Soul" opened at Caelum Gallery in Manhattan. The exhibition presents works covering a variety of media including oil painting, mixed media, and digital sculpture. Fourteen Asian-American artists from New York present their works in the exhibition, which break the traditional concept of self-isolation and emphasize the close relationship between individuals and their surroundings.
Society is constantly moving forward driven by technology. Advances in technology have made tools more perfect, and tools have become an extension of human motivations and desires. This group exhibition sparks a conversation about the relationship between technology, society and individual life.
"The Resonant Voice of the Soul" deeply explores the relationship between technology and human development, and examines the process by which life and society are shaped. The process involves not only our emotional and mental states, but also the potential impact on social structure, individual freedom and cultural identity. The exhibition guides the audience to think about the development profile of each individual in society.
In the "Sound of Soul Resonance" art group exhibition, the artists' works show diversity and innovation, causing the audience to think deeply. They use their delicate touch and unique vision to capture the subtle resonance in the inner world between people. This exhibition is like a profound adventure, allowing the audience to travel through the world of the works. Not only can they feel the resonance with the natural world, but they can also find their own new thinking angles in the operation of human society and technology.
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